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ATTENTION: We have changed Web-Ring hosts. The one we had been using was bought out by Yahoo!, and they removed many of the features, and made it needlessly difficult to use (pretty much what I expected them to do). We have switched over to Ring Surf. These people have made it simple to use, and very powerful. All existing subscribers to our Web-Ring will need to re-apply (just click the JOIN button in the menu) and replace the existing webring code with the new one that will be e-mailed to you. I apologize for this major inconvenience!

We have also relocated our website. The old website began using more and more annoying pop-up banners, so we moved to a private site. Space donated freely by Ld. Asbrand of Norway.



Welcome to the Kingdom of Meridies Web-Ring homepage. This page is dedicated to making life easier on the web for all residents of the Kingdom of Meridies, in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. If you do not know what the S.C.A., Inc., is, then click on the "SCA" button to the left in the menu.

What is a Web-Ring? Well, put simply, it is a tool used to make access to webpages of similar interest easier to find. For more information on web-rings in general, please visit RING SURF, the gracious hosts of this unique service.

How do you sign up your web-page to be added to the Kingdom of Meridies Web-Ring? Well, first click on the RULES in the main menu, then after reading those, click on the JOIN. Fill out the form that this takes you to, and you are on your way!!!

Please let us know what you think of this Web-Ring and this web-page!

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